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Royce rolls

It’s not easy standing out amongst the crowd of today’s musicians, there is so much on offer from all angles that it makes you wonder if there’s anything left to do, yet it’s artists such as Royce Rolls who make you realise that when an artist is doing everything spot on, you just can’t help but pay attention.

Tickling our modern day eclectic musical taste buds, Royce Rolls quite apparently draws influence from everything from 90’s Jungle and Speed Garage to Sound-System culture, he then combines them all, chews them up and spits them out as quite simply the most current, enjoyable party music. And that’s just his production.

Comfortable behind the decks, he’s also a spell-binding DJ, wholly aware that the responsibility of a DJ is to create and build the party atmosphere, his ability to captivate his audience is second to none, a skill he’s honed to perfection for many years.

Already snapped up by hyper dub’s Cooly G for her label, ‘Dub Organizer’ and releases on UKG giants ‘DPR’ it’s clear they see Royce’s abundant future ahead
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